China Oceanwide USA Holdings is currently making investments into promising private and public high technology and media companies in the U.S. and Europe at different stages of growth.

In December of 2014, China Oceanwide USA Holdings closed its financing with InVisage Technologies, Inc., a leader in camera technology, together with GGV Capital, Nokia Growth Partners and InterWest Partners, for their latest round of funding of a total of $32.5m. With this round of financing, InVisage sets a new record for capital raised by any imaging company. InVisage Technologies is based in Menlo Park, California. It  has developed QuantumFilm™, a breakthrough imaging & sensing technology that captures high-fidelity, high-resolution images from mobile devices such as camera phones and digital cameras.

In June of 2015, China Oceanwide USA Holdings closed its financing with Skyonic Corporation, a leader in the Cleantech space, together with Energy Technology Ventures, Northwater Capital, BP and other investors for their latest funding round in the amount of $42MM. Skyonic Corporation was founded in 2005 and is based in Austin, Texas. The company developed SkyMine® and SkyCycle™ technologies, designed to commercially extract and mineralize carbon dioxide from industrial flue gas into products, such as baking soda, hydrochloric acid and limestone. In addition to driving profit through the sale of products, the technology helps mitigate the effects of industrial pollution.